Our Story

Kaam is a small independent business, offering fair trade, environmentally friendly products by connecting village workers with innovative ideas, networking, and technology.

We believe in bringing meaningful work to people in rural areas to help generate alternative income, and creating opportunities to those who would otherwise not have the resources to expand their trade.

There is value in maintaining traditional craftsmanship which would otherwise be lost to modern mechanical methods of production. We aim to keep tradition alive.

New opportunities provide the younger generation an option to stay with their families, instead of moving to the city seeking work.

Live like a local

What better way to get to know the lives of people in the village than to build your own house and move in with them.

That’s exactly what we did when starting our sister business Kaamkiri as a homestay where one can come live like a local and enjoy the simple life. Again, employing our neighbours to help guests enjoy an authentic experience, offer sightseeing tours, cooking, laundry etc.

Our daily lives now consist of working directly with the villagers to come up with new products, using the skills and materials provided around our village.

Eco Friendly

All of our products eco-friendly. Our business started out producing bamboo straws to bring awareness to the harm of plastic on the planet.

For the same reason, all of our cloth dyes are produced without chemicals, and rely on materials available to the villagers provided by nature.

New Opportunities

Whether you have a request for something custom, or know of a village of skilled workers looking for a partner, we would love to hear from you. We are often asked to make alterations to colours and designs, and have been asked to prepare custom wedding gifts. If you have a request please contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our story. Looking forward to doing business with you.